Writing a diary entry year 1800

If you do not have artistic talents, doodling is perfectly fine. Saturday, October 6, What a busy day today!

Real-Life Diaries: Life in the 1800s Revealed

Describe the problem - what is it? It does not matter what you are writing about, simply make sure that your pencil is always moving. So home to dinner, where Povy by agreement, and after dinner we to talk of our Tangier matters, about keeping our profit at the pay and victualling of the garrison, if the present undertakers should leave it, wherein I did [not] nor will do any thing unworthy me and any just man, but they being resolved to quit it, it is fit I should suffer Mr.

Contemplate the situation to find more than one option. It is a platform for all your thoughts and feelings. God reorders the heavens and earth, bringing about harsh weather and climates. We had only been back for a few minutes when Mrs.

The ponies are regularly exercised when the weather permits. Here I taught him what to do: Wednesday 19 July Up and to the officeand thence presently to the Exchequerand there with much trouble got my tallysand afterwards took Mr.

In his long diary entry manuscript writing a diary entry year 1800partial transcriptionJQA makes reference to additional readings: It will not take a lot of effort or time, but if the topic is something that interests you, you may even write more without realizing it.

33 Journaling Ideas: What to Write About in a Daily Journal

But I broke up before the dinner half over and by water to the Harp and Ball, and thence had Mary meet me at the New Exchange, and there took coach and I with great pleasure took the ayre to Highgateand thence to Hampsteadmuch pleased with her company, pretty and innocent, and had what pleasure almost I would with her, and so at night, weary and sweaty, it being very hot beyond bearing, we back again, and I set her down in St.

Book 1 begins as Satan awakes in hell, having lost his rebellion against God in heaven. Like all of us, JQA was very careful about the books he chose to take with him on his journey - of course a two-month sea voyage and then a long period away from home meant that he had to be even more choosy about what books travelled with him.

Scanned copies of Plutarch's biographies of Pyrrhus and Caius Marius. Carteret told me about fourteen days ago.

Write about Dislikes Not all writing is enjoyable, so if you are struggling to find a topic, start thinking about ideas that you do not particularly want to write about.

Once you have your time period selected and you know what subjects a person of that time cared about, you can begin to write the diary entry. Say you're writing from Ron Weasley's point of view.

This afternoon I waited on the Duke of Albemarleand so to Mrs. Grant's letters, which I find more interesting than Plutarch. He did give me a good account of the fight with the Dutch.

Sample Diary Entries

For example, if you are going to have a manicure this coming weekend, and you decide to write about how that makes you feel, the thought of the upcoming event can actually serve to make you feel a bit happier. So walked to Redriffewhere I hear the sickness is, and indeed is scattered almost every where, there dying of the plague this week.

Begun, and means left for the ending of it, by Bishop Juxon. D…ecide which subjects or topics your diary-writer might have cared about: Of which I was glad, and took the opportunity to answer him with all kindness and promise of assistance. Barrow was constantly in debt, in part, because of his land deals.

An edition Worcester: Batelier, a great while, who is indeed one of the finest women I ever saw in my life. Be sure to record the date of the dream so that if you look at it years from now, you can remember when you were having it. But it was most extraordinary hot that ever I knew it.

Carteret, who is come this day from Chathamand mighty glad he is to see me, and begun to talk of our great business of the match, which goes on as fast as possible, but for convenience we took water and over to his coach to Lambethby which we went to Deptfordall the way talking, first, how matters are quite concluded with all possible content between my Lord and him and signed and sealed, so that my Lady Sandwich is to come thither to-morrow or next day, and the young lady is sent for, and all likely to be ended between them in a very little while, with mighty joy on both sides, and the KingDukeLord Chancellorand all mightily pleased.

So home and late at my chamber, setting some papers in order; the plague growing very raging, and my apprehensions of it great. Satan sneaks back into the garden and hides inside a serpent. How do you write a diary entry on Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

In my way I called upon Sir W. Plutarch's life of Romulus. Thence by coach and late at the office, and so to bed.Sample Diary Entries. March 3, Dear Diary, I’m so upset!! I don’t even know where to begin!

Diary entries from July 1665

To start off, I think I completely failed my geometry quiz, which I know I should’ve studied more for my dad’s not gonna be happy about that. Diary Writing Year 6 KS2. Used across 5 lessons to teach children about diary writing by Claire Birchall on 21 September Tweet - Shows which day the diary entry is about.

First person - Writer is writing about themselves. Past tense - Writer writes about what has happened. • The Horn Bros & Co, established inprinted this cute little diary. • Numbered in the front “”. • I am not exactly sure of the year, but knowing of it’s previous owner, I am guessing around.

a victorian life.

Newly discovered plantation diary was key inspiration for Faulkner's novels, says academic

makes me greatful to think i was born in the 21st century, thankyou suffragettes who made our lives easier. Diary of a Civil War Nurse. Image Source: The Smithsonian The Lady Nurse of Ward E, published inis the personal account of Amanda Akin, a nurse in the American Civil War.

The book includes personal material, such as her journal entries and letters from the war, as well her later reflections on those experiences. In the history classes I teach to hearing-impaired high school students, there is a section on immigration to America during the 19th century.

Writing a diary entry year 1800
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