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Economy Society Sustaincentrism integrated Ecology, Economy, Society Ecocentrism focus on organic, animal rights, restoration ecology, ethical priority and voluntary simplicity.

As a result of that, business models, industrial Reflective journal sustainability, business regulations and standard of discussions of ethics must be included within the Corporate Social Responsibility to achieve corporate sustainability.

Through the identification of risks attached to the business management, CSR of an organisation provides substantial social and ecological sustainability to the firm for long-run benefits.

Reflective journal – Sustainability

The key elements identified in the process of attaining sustainability are active involvement of CEO, Board and Executive Team, etc. There have been a large amount of programmes on how to recycle properly and each household now must contain a different bin for what seems like every different item in the world.

On a smaller scale, we can look at reducing the amount of printouts we make during the design process, turning off electronic devices that are not in use, using environmentally friendly materials such as ink and recycled paper, keeping sustainability and impact on the environment at the front of the design process.

GRI report is increasing being well accepted globally for CSR disclosure which is also more commonly integrated into annual report to serve as part of overall integral business reporting.

Some may say we Reflective journal sustainability gong sustainability-mad. Modern business ethics no longer identify a successful business organisation merely by the economic prosperity of the firm.

Applying the same leadership theories and development practices to different contexts?. With stronger entity getting much bigger and out beating other competitors, monopolies of the market can take place as smaller firms are being squeezed out oligopolies due to lower economy of scale and efficiency.

Reflective Journal on Sustainability

So, although people have many different views on sustainability, it is clear to see that it is becoming more and more popular and features regularly in television adverts and others and as time goes on I can see it taking over the world!

With stronger entity getting much bigger and out beating other competitors, monopolies of the market can take place as smaller firms are being squeezed out oligopolies due to lower economy of scale and efficiency. Sustainability, 6 3pp. Leadership, 9 2pp.

Reflective journal – Sustainability

He beliefs that a strong economic from these competitive companies will drive the wellbeing of society at large and it is the duty of government to resolve socially related issues. Why is this so?

Reflective Journal on Sustainability

Sustainability issue with the depletion of world resources, irreplaceability in energy and possible extinction of species through habitat changes raised the question of the sustainable economic development in the long run. This is what I aspire to practice in my organization.

I do concur with Swanson and Barbier that the ecological impact due to increased population, shrinking grain harvesting due to alienation of land for housing, urban development and the disparity of better yield of food production in developed countries compared to less developed countries, existence of urban poor, deforestation deprived of CO2 absorbersgreater consumption of resources due to urbanization and pollutions from industrialization and usage of cars are creating bigger greenhouse effect that leads to global warming, resulting in severe weather, rising sea level and extreme changes in weather, all of which are costly to the future wellbeing of mankind in general.

The presentation stresses that the concept may be interpreted differently but uniquely it is a developmental approach which aims at balancing competing needs against environmental, economic, and social limitation awareness that a society faces.

My understanding from lecture notes is that there are three major approaches in sustainable development, being ecocentrism, technocentrism and sustaincentrism with each characterized as below: Organizations like Ikea, Westpac, and 3M pays greater emphasis on the corporate sustainability.

Furthermore, with unrestrained market, people get what they want. The protection of environment has become a core responsibility of every business organisation.

Leadership for Sustainability As depicted in the presentation, a leader is an individual who is solely responsible for crafting a definite vision as well as inspires people for achieving desired objectives of an organization against all those challenges arising along the way.Discuss about the Reflective Journal for Sustainability.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of an organisation incorporates social, environment and economic value to the core business strategy and operations management. Through the identification of risks attached to the business management, CSR. A reflective journal is a personal account of an educational experience that offers a variety of benefits, from enhancing your writing skills and helping you retain information to allowing you to express your thoughts on new ideas and theories.

Reflective Journal on Sustainability. ASSESSMENT TASK 1: Individual Reflective Journal DUE DATE: End of week 4 MARKS: 20% Assessment Details You are required to reflect on the material presented in weeksrelating to sustainability.

“Sustainability” is definitely not a new term or a new concept to me but it is only related to urban development in Hong Kong.

After starting this course, I discovered that my horizon needed to. Reflecting on Environment and Sustainability: The role of reflective diaries for enhancing International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education {Plans for longitudinal research.

References Boyd, E. and Fales, A. () Reflective learning: key to learning from. Reflective Journal Independent Study Project Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte’s novel, Jane Eyre, The’ Oo Mon Reflective Writing From the first chapter of the text book, I learn the basic concept about sustainability.


Reflective journal sustainability
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