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Consider how the statements and actions of leaders and others within the organization support or demonstrate the organizational mission, vision, and values.

Reflect on how the roles of management and leadership differ in supporting the organization to set and achieve goals. Managers are also specialized in recruitment, training and retaining the employees of the organization.

How have you and your group members addressed the enactment of these roles and its impact on interactions? The communication of the vision never ends during the change process and is woven into every aspect of what the leaders and managers do.

Do not identify these individuals by name, position, or location. Not just change for the sake of change but true transformative actions that will improve the company and add value to the customers, employees, and shareholders.

Week 8 discussion The Distinction Between Leadership and Management Think of the managers you have reported to thus far in your career. Managers and Leaders must know how to address the needs of their staff in both scenarios. Discussion — Week 4 Critiquing a Change Effort As a nurse leader, you need to have the skills and knowledge to collaborate and communicate with those who plan for and manage change.

For this Discussion, you explore the culture and climate of your current organization or one with which you are familiar. Such delegation needs to be conducted in a way which ensures understanding.

In addition, think about which individuals within your group including yourself may fall into problematic roles such as the Dominator, the Aggressor, or the Blocker.

Recommend at least two strategies that organizational managers and leaders can use to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. With the help of the feedback given by my group members I know what are my strengths and weaknesses, because of them I know what are the obstacles for me to be a good leader.

Think about who was involved, how it was resolved if it wasand how it might have been handled more effectively.

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But with visionary leaders who have the best interests of the company and its culture in mind, supported by great management throughout the company, winning results are likely to happen.

It is also true that organizations cannot afford managers who cannot lead and leaders who cannot manage. Third, quick wins keep the team motivated and inspired, which is great medicine for the battlefield fatigue they will experience during the transformation process.

Consider the task or group-building role you normally play in a group setting. The Fundamental Differences Between Leadership and Management Combining visionary leadership and great management achieves winning results.

Review Chapters 7 and 8 in the course text. Here, let's take a look at the fundamental differences between leadership and management as they apply to organizational change. A leader needs to be visionary, foresighted and concerned about future.

All organizations--large and small--face the need for change now more than ever. New emphasis has been directed to ensure that men and women receive equal pay for equal work. So in some cases I am not able to assign a task to the right person.

This first step is vital and critical in developing and maintaining healthy organizational culture within the organization. The next step in my leadership journey will be focused on emotional intelligence and building an arsenal of leadership styles to draw on at will.

Managers are more concerned with the process that can achieve results instead of the results. Evaluate the effect of globalization and management across borders. The achievement of these variables would enable managers and leaders to continue to play vital roles in the development and maintenance of organizational culture.

Leaders are visionaries with strong self esteem, trust, service mentality, sincerity, sense of priorities and a willingness to share responsibility. Why or why not? When the opposite is true, the vision will not be powerful, or even worse, will be totally flawed.

Going by the various definition of leadership we can say that it is a process which involves influence and takes place in a group context. A leaders should also be enthusiastic, uplifting, cheerful, energetic and positive about the future.


Leadership is about having confidence to make decisions.Organizational Management & Leadership WEEK 3 Number of sources: 3. Order Details; A brief description of the public or nonprofit organization you selected. Leadership and management both are important for organizations they different things.

Management - leadership - week 5, Essay

The organizational structure helps in achieving the goals in such a way that they are in tune with or responsive to the environment of the organization. Nov 30,  · Week Eight Leadership and Management of Change DiscussionRead:Ch. 16 LeadershipCh. 18 Managing Change and StressKreitner, R.

& A. Angelo, ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR, 6th ED. () McGraw-Hill, BostonThe team has counseled the management of a very dysfunctional organization with the goal of providing the means to be very functional and smooth. MGT Organizational Leadership WEEK 5 MGT Organizational Leadership WEEK 5 MGT Organizational Leadership WEEK 5.

MGT Organizational Leadership WEEK 5 Select a segment of the hospitality industry, and a specific business within that segment. Assume that you are a consultant hired by the major stakeholders of a business who desire a significant improvement in the leadership.

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