Germany orthopedic devices industry to 2020

Global Orthopedic Trauma Fixation Devices Market Will Reach $4 Billion in 2020

The 3D printing technology caters to the rising demands of personalized medical care by providing customized medical devices based on individual needs. Main Competitors The German market for medical devices is sophisticated and well served.

Spinal Fusion Market Forecast to 2020 With 13 Company Profiles

Saving Time and Efforts Simply share your research requirement details with us and let us do all the hard work to find required intelligence for you. Locking plates provide greater stabilization and reduce plate compression of the bone. The surgical device segment is further divided into drill guide, custom clamps, guide tubes, screw drivers, and distracters, among others.

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Stryker's dominant presence in the plate and screw market, coupled with sales of the VariAx distal radius locking plate system, keeps the company leading in trauma. Ligament injuries are most common in sports injuries and due to this bracing and support systems are used to treat knee and ankle sprains.

Europe Intraocular Lens Market to See Increased Premium Product Popularity Through to 2020

Use of specialty materials such as Kevlar, carbon fibre, titanium and others, with a focus of improving the sturdiness, controlled movement and quicker rehabilitation form a major trend in this market. Technological advancements to improve portability, cost efficiency, and energy efficiency of 3D printers as well as developing software for predicting the thermal and mechanical properties of the object are anticipated to expand the scope of this market.

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Other factors include increasing incidence of diabetes and foot Using prevalence and incidence data and diagnosed and treated population, the epidemiology-based forecasting model arrives at the final numbers.

Germany Endoscopy Devices Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2018 - 2023)

Growing awareness regarding availability of innovative products is pushing hospitals to constantly upgrade their devices and services.

This report also studies the global External Fixator market status, competition landscape, market share, growth rate, future trends, In the current market scenario, the medical and surgical centres segment is the highest revenue generating segment on account of the rapidly increasing patient pool, reduction in operative and infection risks and customizations and personalization of medical procedures and devices.

Most orthopedic trauma products sold in the United States are made with titanium over stainless steel. More than two thirds of German physicians are seeing innovation as the key element in maintaining the high standards of the German healthcare system.

Request Report Methodology Bracing devices are orthopedic appliances used to align, support and hold structural and functional characteristics of the musculoskeletal system. This indication may be included in the batch or serial number; n where applicable, method of sterilization.

DePuy Synthes leads the market due to strength of its internal fixation products — particularly it's plates and screws. Call "your" client engagement executive any time of your day and get your questions answered in order to make the correct business decision.

These products are made from substances that are naturally found in your body. Scope of the R Systems is the highest revenue-generating segment in the 3D printing healthcare market, owing to increasing adoption by various end users and several technological advancements.The United States market for orthopedic trauma is expected to reach $8 billion byaccording to a new iData Research report.

Here are five takeaways from the report: 1. DePuy Synthes and Stryker are expected to lead the market over the next six years.

Plate and screw sales will drive growth. The report “Top 10 Medical Device Technologies Market by Type (IVD, Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Endoscopy, Diabetes Care, Wound Management, Kidney/Dialysis, and Anesthesia & Respiratory Care Devices) – Global Forecast to ”, The Global Top 10 Medical Device technologies Market is Poised to Reach USD With an expected growth in orthopedic sales of % per year (CAGR) between now andZimmer Biomet is predicted to have the second largest annual growth rate of any of the top companies in the orthopedic sales industry.

The company is expected to bring in worldwide sales of over $8 billion bynearly double their output of $ billion. GlobalData's new report, "Germany Orthopedic Tools Market Outlook to ", provides key market data on the Germany Orthopedic Tools market.

Market size of medical devices market in Asia/Pacific region 2016-2020

The report provides value, in millions of US dollars, and volume (in units) and average price data (in US dollars), within market categories Orthopedic Power. Historically, the medical device industry has been highly attractive, with 5 percent average annual growth and operating margins between 23 and 25 percent.

1 Price-to-earnings ratios in the sector have typically outperformed those of the Standard & Poor’s index. The global orthopedic prosthetic devices market is technology driven and is characterized by several market consolidation events taking place in the recent past.

Improved ergonomics of orthopedic prosthetics play a critical role for the new market players.

Germany orthopedic devices industry to 2020
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