Assault and domestic violence attorney

When a person harms his or her family member, he or she is guilty of committing domestic violence and assault against them. You need someone who will be both compassionate and tough, and help preserve your family and your future.

Under certain circumstances, the prosecutor may attempt to proceed without the alleged victim by introducing the statements of the alleged victim which were made at the time of the offense. The arresting officer may or may not allow for you to make a phone call.

Michigan Domestic Violence Lawyer

Knowingly causes or attempts to cause physical harm to another person or to an unborn child; OR Recklessly causes serious physical harm to another person or to an unborn child. Suppose you and your Olive Branch neighbor are arguing about the fact that his dog constantly digs holes in your yard.

Suppose you and your Olive Branch neighbor are arguing about the fact that his dog constantly digs holes in your yard. We can answer questions you have about any protective order that may have been issued against you recently or that may be issued against you in the future based upon a charge or accusation.

A third conviction, following Senate Bill 50 amendments, will result in a felony of the 3rd degree F3. The attorneys at The Stroud Law Firm will thoroughly investigate your case in order to determine whether you were wrongfully charged, or if there are other compelling reasons the case should be dismissed prior to trial.

When it comes to self-defense, any force used must be limited to only what is necessary to avoid or defend against the threat. At your earliest opportunity, you or a family member should contact a lawyer for guidance.

A justification is usually a type of defense that anyone could use, regardless of their status or condition.

Harassment — This misdemeanor offense covers a wide range of threatening behavior, including hitting and kicking, following someone in a public place, obscene and threatening communications, and calling in the middle of the night.

If self-defense is a viable option, then you will need to work with your Virginia criminal defense lawyer to offer evidence in court to raise a reasonable doubt about your guilt.

It has to be proven in such cases that both the parties involved were the target of domestic violence and assault. Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Attorney The repercussions from a domestic violence charge are among the most traumatizing of any criminal offense.

You will have to demonstrate that the force you used to incapacitate your attacker was proportional to the force you yourself would have been subjected to and that you could not back away from the location of the attack without risk of injury. Prior assaultive history of the alleged victim.

Actual physical contact or an injury is not required. When your employer finds out you were arrested for a violent crime, it can also have a damaging impact on your employment and you may even lose your job.

Whether the alleged victim claims any losses restitution. Any person who cohabits with the defendant. The argument gets heated and you lightly poke him in the chest with your index finger to make your point.

Aggravated Assault, Battery & Domestic Violence

Consider the mental ability and comprehension level of a typical infant. But this does not mean there are no limits. If by recklessness when you do not care if your actions harm someone you harm someone, you are considered to have committed assault.NJ Domestic Violence Defense Attorney With offices in Hackensack, Newark, Morristown NJ.

Domestic Violence in New Jersey can refer to a number of you’ve been charged with a NJ domestic violence related crime, please do some research on what penalties you’re facing, and learn how we can beat those.

Domestic Violence and Assault

Our Michigan domestic violence attorney of Prain Law, PLLC will fight for your rights in the event of a domestic violence 3rd offense charge.

Contact us today. Get an Aggravated Assault, Battery or Domestic Violence Lawyer Assault and battery can lead to high fines and imprisonment based on the severity of the charge. Aggravated assault and aggravated battery are felonies in the state of Idaho/5(5). What a Domestic Violence lawyer can do for you.

If you're the victim of domestic violence, an attorney can help protect you and your family through various methods such as getting a restraining order or custody changes.

Many domestic violence crimes will fall under the Commonwealth’s assault statutes (Title 18 Chapter 27 of the Pennsylvania Code). Speak to a Pittsburgh Domestic Violence Attorney For a Strong Defense.

Find out more about domestic violence. provides legal information and can help you find an attorney experienced in cases involving domestic violence and the law.

Assault and domestic violence attorney
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